Presentation Box


This presentation box is a bespoke creation for PhD Nutrition for the launch of their new range of protein bars.  It consists of a bid and base style box, printed 4 colour litho and has a gloss lamination.  Inside we produced a 2 part foam fitment to display the range of bars.


Snack Boxes


These solid board treat boxes have been produced for the fabulous East Lancashire Railway to hold a range of tasty snacks and help to give their passengers a trip to remember.

We can produce any design and style of box for your requirements.


Humanitarian iniative wins top award


An innovative water vest is this year’s Diamond Award winner in the 2017 Dupont Awards for Packaging Innovation. The FritzTM Water Vest from Solutions Inc., utilizes current packaging technologies, creating a product that is potentially life changing to millions around the world.

The vest allows users to carry up to 20lb of water safely and hygienically with the weight evenly distributed across the chest and back.

The multi layer nylon structure provides a robust material suitable for rough terrain and multiple uses in dry and rugged environments. The proprietary lamination uses several layers for functional protection and allows for quick heat sealing during manufacturing. An additive included in the material inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and odours.  Together these properties provide a robust, hygienic and reusable water carrying pouch.

The  Fritz

Thick Business Cards


Along with the wide range of packaging we offer, we also provide a variety of packaging accessories  such as labels,  swing tickets and imaginative business cards.

These totem pole inspired cards have been produced using 2 layers of Kraft buff 300gsm board, with the 2 layer compressed together to create a thick 600gsm business card that’s unique and stands out.


Pillow packs / Pillow boxes


Ostle and Maillard offer you a whole host of packaging solutions which are all functional, stylish and eco friendly.   We produced these pillow packs for our surfing buddies at Paddle Pillow over in Ireland to accommodate their innovative surfing accessory.

The pillow boxes we sell are made to measure and can be branded by our design team for you. They have elliptical ends and simply pop into a curved pillow shape.  They are great for posting all kinds of objects, or as retail point of sale for a wide range of items.

Please feel free to call us today to discuss your pillow pack project.


Retail packaging mistakes you should avoid!


Approximately 70% of all purchasing decisions aren’t made until a customer is actually inside the shop.  A big part of those decisions is packaging.  You could have the best product in the world, but if the packaging isn’t appealing you won’t sell your product.

The design and look of your packaging is therefore imperative to the success of your product and you need to do everything you can to make sure it’s the best that it can be.

Here are a few mistakes  you should avoid:

  • Not designing for your target customer

Whether it’s bespoke printed packaging or industrial packaging, you’re not designing for your boss,  you’re doing it for your target customer.  Every packaging design must be produced with the customer in mind and nobody else.  If the packaging isn’t convenient and appealing to your ideal customers you are going to have difficulty selling products.

Champagne/Prosecco Packaging


Ostle & Maillard understands that transporting glass bottles requires specialist packaging that needs to be both strong and well-designed, whilst also being attractive for Point of Sale.  Because of this we offer a range of creative packaging solutions  which we would love to discuss with you to bring your project to life.


Packaging lunch break – Harrogate style


Happy Friday!  We feel so lucky to work right next door to Harrogate’s beautiful Valley Gardens.  There are definititely worse places to eat our lunch on a sunny day ….


Bespoke Packaging UK / Internet Packaging Solutions


This large litho laminated corrugated box has been specially designed as outer packaging to accommodate 40 pillow packs.

Printed 2 pantone colours on to a white e-flute.


Which box style suits my needs?


Need help with deciding which box type would suit your product best?  See our sheet below with examples of the most popular carton styles available.   At Ostle and Maillard we have a large selection of cutters and dies available to fulfil any of your box requirements.  We can also customise these designs to create a unique solution perfect for you.