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Christmas Tree bottle carriers have now SOLD OUT. .

Wow, that was quick! All our Christmas Tree bottle carriers have now SOLD OUT. Many thanks to all our customers who snapped them up in double quick time. We’ve made a note of this and will certainly run more Christmas Themed carriers again next year.

Do forget we can of course produce a bespoke carrier solution for you at any time of the year. To find out more contact us on

Luxury Rigid Boxes uk

Luxury Rigid Boxes uk – This luxury lid and base rigid boxes epitomize sophistication and elegance in packaging design.

The exterior of this box is crafted in red leather with a gold foil logo to the lid, creating a tactile and visually striking presentation box to leave a lasting impression on clients and enhancing the perceived value of the product within.

Bellyband Sleeves UK

Belly bands are a great solution when a big splash is required in a retail environment. They provide an additional surface area for branding and product information. This helps in making the packaging more visually appealing and communicates important messages to consumers.

Other key points that make bellybands such a good idea are…….

  • Economical to Produce
  • Enhanced Presentation
  • Securing Packaging
  • Promotional Offers
  • Easy to Remove
  • Flexible for low volumes
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Product Information

To get yours please email

“Christmas Bottle Carriers” Are Back in Stock 😊

Due to popular demand, we are happy to say our premade “Christmas Bottle Carriers” are back on the shelfs and available to buy in multiples of 50 units, while stocks last.

Crafted in sturdy eco-friendly corrugated board with an attractive Christmas Tree design window, these carriers provide a convenient and reliable way to carry 3 x 500ml bottles of various shapes or 2 bottles and a pint glass to make a gift set. Perfect for Christmas gifts, parties, brewery shops, combining functionality with environmental consciousness.

To get yours email while stocks last.

Solid Board Box Packaging

Solid board box packaging is known for its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal made from a single layer board.

They are easy to customise in terms of size, shape, colour, and printing. Our solid board boxes can be printed with product information, logos, and designs to enhance brand visibility. High-quality printing options can be used to create eye-catching packaging. Many solid board boxes are recyclable and made from sustainable Eco-friendly materials.

Printed Paper Bags

Our luxury printed paper bags are not only functional for carrying items but also serve as a form of branding and marketing. They create a memorable and upscale shopping experience for customers and can help convey the image of a high-end brand.

  • Quality Materials: Our bags are all made from thick and durable paper stock
  • Printing: Unique designs. Finishing options such as foil stamping, embossing, lamination, spot UV varnish
  • Handles: Luxury cord handles
  • Reinforcements: Our bags are reinforced with additional layers of paper.
  • Size and Shape: Our bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of products
  • Environmentally Friendly: Many luxury paper bags are made from recyclable or sustainable materials, aligning with the growing trend towards eco-friendly packaging.

Cardboard Bottle and Can Carriers

Cardboard bottle and can carriers are a great solution to hold and transport bottles and cans of various beverages, such as beers, soft drinks, water, wine. Our carriers are commonly made from sturdy and recyclable cardboard material, making them a great eco-friendly choice to too.

  1. Design: We will design a carrier that’s perfect for you and we can also prepare the outer graphics with branding, logos, and product information helping to promote the brand and provides a professional and aesthetically pleasing presentation.
  2. Environmentally Friendly: Cardboard is a sustainable and recyclable material, making tour carriers an eco-friendly choice and reducing environmental footprint.
  3. Protection: Cardboard carriers provide protection to the bottles and cans, preventing breakage or damage during transportation.
  4. Marketing Tool: A well designed carrier is a valuable marketing tool. Cardboard carriers can also be used as point-of-sale displays, allowing retailers to showcase products prominently and encourage impulse purchases.
  5. Cost-Effective: Cardboard is a cost-effective packaging material, making these carriers an affordable choice.

Printed Bottle and Can Carriers

Printed bottle and can carriers are a great solution to hold and transport bottles and cans of various beverages, such as beers, soft drinks, water, wine. Our carriers are commonly made from sturdy and recyclable cardboard material, making them a great eco-friendly choice to too.

  1. Design: We will design a carrier that’s perfect for you and we can also prepare the outer graphics with branding, logos, and product information helping to promote the brand and provides a professional and aesthetically pleasing presentation.
  2. Environmentally Friendly: Cardboard is a sustainable and recyclable material, making tour carriers an eco-friendly choice and reducing environmental footprint.
  3. Protection: Cardboard carriers provide protection to the bottles and cans, preventing breakage or damage during transportation.
  4. Marketing Tool: A well designed carrier is a valuable marketing tool. Cardboard carriers can also be used as point-of-sale displays, allowing retailers to showcase products prominently and encourage impulse purchases.
  5. Cost-Effective: Cardboard is a cost-effective packaging material, making these carriers an affordable choice.

Slipcase with Binder Inserts

This bespoke slipcase with binder inserts set is the last word in storing and presenting documents, quotations, or other materials. It offers a practical and effective way to maintain important documents or collections in a neat and protected manner. We can produce them in various sizes, designs, and materials to suit different needs and preferences.

  1. This slipcase is made from sturdy board with paper over board printed sheet laminated to it. It provides an extra layer of protection against dust, light, and other potential damages to the contents.
  2. This set of 8 binders fit perfectly inside the slipcase. They are all branded in full colour print and have a ring mechanism that allows you to secure hole-punched documents or papers.

Lingerie Packaging

Lingerie Packaging: When we set to work designing lingerie packaging our main goal is to create an appealing and functional packaging solution that enhances the brand and the overall customer experience. We also deign packaging to protect the items during transportation and storage.

Box or Bag? Lingerie is often packaged in boxes or bags or both and can be made from various materials providing a protective layer and keep the lingerie items in good condition.

Design and Branding: Lingerie packaging typically incorporates the brand’s logo and design elements to create a cohesive and recognizable brand identity which our design team have many years of experience in working on.

Size and Shape: Lingerie packaging is designed to accommodate the specific lingerie items, ensuring a proper fit and presentation. The size and shape of the packaging is up to the client depending on the type of lingerie being packaged.

Lingerie Swing Tags: Lingerie packaging often includes swing tags with essential information such as size, care instructions, fabric composition, and brand details. This information helps customers make informed decisions and properly care for their lingerie.

“Pillow Pack / Pillow Punches”

The name “Pillow Pack / Pillow Punches” comes from the shape of the packaging, which resembles a pillow or cushion. Pillow packs are a great way to pack a wide variety of small to medium products, including single-use medications, facial creams, shampoo samples, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. As with all our packaging we design it to fit your product perfectly,

They are designed to provide convenience and product protection. The packaging material is usually box board and can be litho printed. Another advantage of pillow packs is their compact size, which makes them easy to carry and store. They are often used in settings where single servings or small quantities are required, such as restaurants, hotels, travel kits packs, or promotional giveaway packaging. Pillow packs also offer a cost-effective solution for branding and packaging small quantities of products, as they require less material compared to larger packaging.

Bespoke Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

If you are looking for made to measure Bespoke Corrugated Cardboard Boxes this summer? If so Ostle & Maillard are here to help. You can choose any style, any size all printed with your branding.

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Printed Ring Binders

Are you looking for Printed Ring Binders made in the U.K?

Printed Ring Binders with your own unique branding, are a great tool for sales presentations or when you want your quotation to stand out from the rest.  Or you might simply need somewhere safe to store important documents.

All our Printed Ring Binders can be made to a size and style that works best for you and can be personalised with your design. We can also add a matt or gloss lamination for that luxury feel which also helps to keep the binder clean and adds to their lifespan.

Please contact us today to request a quotation for your projects.

Branded Packaging

Brand Packaging companies…. are they all the same? Here at we think not. We’re a friendly bunch here, who love to team up with Companies and really get to know your brand before offering you the very best packaging solution that’s right FOR YOU. So, if you are looking for some delicious new branded packaging this Springtime, we have a solution that’s perfect for brightening up your brand!

Luxury Box Packaging

This stunning luxury packaging box consists of a lid and base design which is die cut and folded up to create a unique bradned packaging solution that requires no gluing. There is also a bespoke fitment / platform inside to display and protect the contents.
The box flawlessly reflects the high-quality produce inside and gives the end user a pleasant revealing experience. its also 100% recyclable

Box Design Solutions

Box Design Solutions featuring…

  • Litho laminating onto currugated board
  • 2 x special pantone colours
  • Matt lamination
  • Bespoke foam fitment

What is Litho lamination… The litho-laminating process is a means of creating corrugated board that has a high quality, litho printed surface. The process uses individual sheets of corrugated board as the carrier, while the top liner is normally good quality art paper fed from a stack of individual printed sheets. This process creates a high quality box design solutions which are robust and long lasting. This not only produces a better print quality, but also does not affect the fluting or structure which may be altered if passed through a press.

To find out more visit

Branded Corrugated Boxes with Handles

This stunning looking box is made to measure and constructed of double walled heavy duty corrugated board to ensure its able to successfully transport large heavy batteries. It’s printed single colour using the flexo print process and also incorporates 2 plastic handles for strength when in transport. So this box not only looks good, its practial, and cost effective to produce.

Rigid Box Packaging UK

All our rigid box packaging is UK made. We recently teams up with a great people at Atom Watches to produce this stunning packaging solution for their beautiful timepieces. The end product is a paper over board matt black rigid box with black gloss foil and a black flux fitment to produce this stunning effect.

Paper over board boxes, also known as rigid boxes, are made from a combination of paper and cardboard materials. The construction of paper over board boxes involves covering a rigid board or cardboard base with paper or printed material, resulting in a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing packaging solution.

Snack Boxes, Picnic Boxes UK

Our luxury branded snack / picnic boxes are the perfect way to present and serve food at outdoor events or on the move. Provide customers with a wonderful picnicking experience.

Some possible applications are:

  • Corporate Events
  • Sporting Events
  • Luxury Train, Coach & Boat Travel
  • Outdoor Wedding Receptions, Parties
  • Bespoke Picnic Events

We pride ourselves on providing stylish packaging solutions. Our boxes are convenient to use and 100% recyclable.

Doughnut Boxes or Donut Boxes UK

Our Doughnut / Donut boxes and cake boxes can be made to a size that’s perfect for you. Not just what’s available off the shelf. You can supply your own artwork or artwork can be prepare  for you in one, two or full colour. We always use fridge safe quality heavy box board and you can add a bespoke plastic window patch if you wish. #donutboxes #donutpackaging #bakerypackaging #cakeboxes #cookieboxes #foodboxes #donutboxesindividual #customdonutboxes #happyboxes  #doughnutboxes #doughnutpackaging #doughnutboxesindividual #donutboxesuk #donutboxesleeds #donutboxesengland #donutboxesyorkshire #luxurydonutboxes #creativedonutboxes #brandeddonutboxes


Rigid Paper Over Board Presentation Boxes

The most common uses are as gift boxes for retail, cosmetics, and jewellery, chocolate and media industries. Ostle & Maillard can design presentation boxes from a wide range of materials, giving great flexibility to create a distinctive brand statement that gets noticed for all the right reasons and that adds value to your product.

Boxes can be covered in one of our specialist paper coverings or full colour print adding embossing, foil blocking or laminations to suit individual requirements. Packagingmanufacturesuk, luxurypackagingsuppliers, rigidboxesuk bespokepaperoverboardboxesuk  boxdesign, custompackaging, packagingsuppliers, cardboardboxesuk, packagingdesign

Mailing Boxes & Subscription Boxes

All our mailer boxes and postal boxes are made to order. So you can have yours at any size, any style and with a wide range of materials available they are an essential business tool to protect your precious items in transit. Your boxes can also be branded to ensure a great first impression or just branded on the inside if you need to be discreet. Either way, you don’t have to make do with a off the shelf solution. It’s totally up to you to choose what works best for your business.

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Drinks Packaging

 It may be autumn but you can still enjoy the taste of summer thanks to our good friends at Sunshiiiine drinks, who have just launched this great new beer. It’s packaged in a bespoke design litho laminated corrugated box with a tear off section for easy access in the fridge 😊

Fitments / Platforms for Packaging

Fitments / Platforms for Packaging

We understand that creating a stunning bespoke outer box or tube is sometimes only half the story. What goes inside is equally as important as it continues the opening experience and holds the contents in place.

As we all move away from single use plastics and foam, cardboard is fast becoming the go to option for packaging fitments. We can engineer a bespoke fitment just for you, making your finished packaging resilient, high quality – and sustainable.

To discuss your packaging needs, call us today on +44 (0)1423 521590

3 x 500ml Beer Bottle Carriers

Beer Carrier Boxes – are the perfect way to display, transport and store beverages. Available plain or with 1, 2 , full colour printed our range of bottle carriers are flexible, sturdy and economical.

They can be made to fit around any size bottles or cans and are manufactured from strong recyclable cardboard. Supplied flat packed our clever designs are easy to store and quick to assemble. Why not grab yours today?

To find out more about the great brews on offer from Ilkley brewery visit


Luxury Foiled Labels

If you are looking for high quality custom printed labels we have the solution. We also include an artwork design service and a wide range of finishes including foiling, embossing, and lamination. 

Diffuser labels / foiled labels / embossed labels / cosmetic labels / foiled labels uk


Luxury Laminated Bags with Rope Handles

Our paper carriers with rope handles are litho-printed for superb high-quality print and are hand finished to achieve a luxury look and feel. The bags are made from 200gsm silk board for strength and durability, featuring card reinforced handles and base. We can also offer biodegradable laminated material.

Size options – We have dozens of standard size bags available or we can custom make whatever size you require. Finishing options include gloss or matt lamination; foil blocking and embossing, UV varnishing.


Rigid Box Packaging UK

Rigid Box Packaging UK – We recently had the pleasure of working with the Giants Live team to produce a striking paper over board lid and base box with a matching duplexed invitation using ebony Colorplan. The box will be sent to the contestants holding an XXXL hoodie and an invitation to participate in upcoming global events. 

With many elements to consider with this project, it was both challenging and rewarding to be able to deliver such a stunning result.

To find out more about how to start your bespoke packaging project contact


Food Sleeves, Food Packaging Printing UK

Food Sleeves, Food Packaging Printing UK – Food sleeves are a great way to promote your brand. We produce printed sleeves that will enhance your product and give it an extra visual boost in store or online.

All our sleeves are bespoke which means they can be shaped to fit any food tub, tray or box. We can also design the print-ready artwork for you or if you would prefer you can supply artwork and we will do the rest.

Low MOQ – Our low minimum order quantity for sleeve makes us the ideal choice for start-ups / small to medium size companies. These sleeves are not only recyclable and bio-degradable, making them the sensible choice for sustainable packaging.

Printed Binders

We produce beautiful Printed Binders personalised to your requirements in a wide variety of sizes, materials and finishes. Attention to detail is always at the forefront of our work so no matter what budget or design options you are looking for we have the binder solution that’s perfect for you.

CUSTOMER COMMENT“Thank you so much for your help on this and for all of your advice. The gold lettering was such a great touch.  I can’t tell you how much this means. Can’t wait to start the next project! Thankfully I started with the most complicated so anything new will be a breeze from this point forward”.

We would be delighted to help with your next ring Binder project, please get in contact to start the conversation.

Foam Fitments for Boxes

Along with our wide range of packaging solutions we also design and produce bespoke foam fitments to hold, protect and present products and  contents at their best. These fitments can be single or multilayer in different thicknesses and colours and are commonly used for boxes, briefcases and presentation displays.

Retail Box Packaging

Everybody loves chocolate. So we were delighted to team up with the lovely people at The Harrogate Chocolate Factory to help them produce a smart new branded box for their large selection of fabulous chocolates, which are made right here in Harrogate.
The box itself was custom made to fit the chocolate bars. We then developed this colour design and applied a four colour print onto a heavy grade box board.
chocolate boxes, harrogate packaging, retail packaging, packaging for chocolates, colour boxes, custom made packaging, packaging for shops

Gift Box Packaging for Jars

We are very please to show off the latest collaboration between great people at Calder’s Kitchen and ourselves.

The packs have been designed to flawlessly wrap around the contents, 3 jars of delicious piccalilli. Piccalilli, Chillililli and Sillylilli for the brave.

 The gift boxes have been printed single colour directly onto corrugated board making them extremely economical and quick  to assemble. Once assembled the box has 3 windows to display the jars labels and a divider to keep your jars separate, snug and safe.

The perfect gift.

Presentation Boxes


This presentation box is a bespoke design rigid box covered in full colour printing. Boxes can be made to any size or style and can be covered in a variety of materials including printed papers, leathers or fabrics with a solution for every budget.

Unique custom rigid boxes make a great addition to any sales team.  

Packaging Solutions for Bottles & Jars UK

We create packaging solution for bottles and jars such as…. Sports bottle packaging, boxes for beer and wine bottles. boxes for beer and wine bottles, cosmetic bottle boxes, food jars presentation packs, pharmaceutical bottle packaging.

If you’re looking for innovative packaging solutions please contact one of our team to find out how we can help you.

Boxes for Confectionery

Ostle & Maillard offer you all the bespoke packaging options you could ever need for your confectionery products. As with these 2 attractive donut boxes, all our packaging is made to your unique specification so you can have exactly what you want and don’t have to put up with an off the shelf solution.

We can also produce – chocolate boxes, truffle boxes, luxury chocolate box packaging, sweet boxes, doughnut boxes, cake boxes and many more.

Please do get in touch to find the correct option for you and your product.

Beer Bottle Carrier Solutions

Ostle & Maillard are well known for producing an assortment of bespoke bottle carriers and boxes. Each one tailored to the exact customer branding and size requirements.

We also offer our popular off the shelf Christmas tree style carrier. It fits most 500ml size bottles and is 100% recyclable, reusable. They are simply assembled with no need for glue and are perfect accessory to maximise your sales over the Christmas period.

If this is not what you are looking for or if you need a bit of advice please do contacts us either online or you can call us on 01423521590 and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Candle Packaging

It was a pleasure to help out on this project and the response so far has been great… “The feedback about the product and the packaging was fantastic with most people saying how luxurious and high end it looked as it was so clean and simple.” To find out more about fern & Coco products please visit

Customer comment : “The feedback about the product and the packaging was fantastic with most people saying how luxurious and high end it looked as it was so clean and simple”.

Pillow Boxes / Pillow Packs

This bespoke designed pillow box is an ideal and economical packaging solution for internet traders who send product through the post delivering product securely and in style.

They are suitable for the transportation of a whole host of products. At Ostle & Maillard we make all our packaging to order, so our pillow packs can be made to any size with a selection of different materials available. They can be printed inside and out with a range of finishes including foiling, debossing, embossing, window patching, UV Varnish and lamination also available to complete a great look. Pillow boxes  also work well in shops if they wish to offer a wrapping service.


Paper over board packaging UK

Paper over board products are rigid with thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm up to 3mm and can be applied to  ring binders, paper over board folders, slipcases, and paper over board tags and menu’s. There is an huge range of different paper coverings to explore, our sales team will be more than happy to walk you through the options available.  All our paper over board products are printed and manufactured in the UK.


Gift boxes with company logo

Potential customers see your packaging before they see your product. So it is important your packaging stands out in a crowd and attracts attention. To achieve this our experts will work with you to create the perfect packaging solution for your product and market. So if it’s a litho-laminated, flexographic printing, or paper over board packaging you are looking for we have the tailor made packaging solution that’s just right you.

Luxury Packaging Trends

We are proud to announce the completion of this unique piece of totally bespoke luxury branded paper over board packaging with 2 fitment options. Very on trend.
Working closely with our client we developed this presentation pack to fit and show off the contents at their very best. The materials used are Ebony Colourplan over board which have been tastefully embellished with silver foil blocking to the outside and white foil blocking to the inner lid. Creating of a one of a kind piece of beautifully branded packaging.

Litho Printed Paper Bags

We produce luxury laminated bags with a toughened top and base for added strength and durability. These laminated bags are Litho printed and hand finished to ensure the highest quality.

All our bags are custom made to suit your requirements and are a great way to promote your brand. Delivery from 2 weeks UK production options.

NDA’s – If your product is in development or your project is sensitive, we can assure you of our complete discretion and we are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Luxury Laminated Paper Bags

We produce luxury laminated bags with a toughened top and base for added strength and durability. These laminated bags are Litho printed and hand finished to ensure the highest quality.

All our bags are custom made to suit your requirements and are a great way to promote your brand. Hand finished, Delivery from 2 weeks with UK production option.

Ostle & Maillard Sponsor Local Football Club

Ostle and Maillard are proud to continue our association and sponsorship of the Knaresborough Celtic Under 15’s football team. We were delighted to supply the team with these rain jackets just in time for the wetter colder months. The team kindly agreed to model them for us last weekend before there match. They are currently halfway through the season and doing  well in one of the district’s elite leagues. Most of the lads have played for Knaresborough Celtic  since they were 5 years old. They are a great set of lads who look out for each other on and off the football pitch.

Ostle and Maillard Ltd would like to wish them well with the rest of the season and we all love the smart new look.

Rigid Presentation Box with Foil Logo

We are very please to unveil the results of the latest collaborated with our friends at Stag Grooming and Ostle & Maillard.

CUSTOMER COMMENT – “Just received the boxes today. They look fantastic and exactly what I asked for. really really pleased with them”.  Stag CEO

This simple but stunning lid and base paper over board box with a gold foil to the lid is the last word in quality packaging. It also boasts a bespoke internal fitment to hold Stags bespoke handmade shaving kit. This style of box can be used for pretty much any product but are especially popular in the jewellery, cosmetics and fashion industries.

If you are unsure which type of box would be most suitable for your product, please contact one of our experts who will be delighted to help you. 01423 521590


Paper Over Board Boxes UK

Luxury rigid presentation boxes are the last word in making a big first impression and are a great way to launch a new product and boost your brand identity.

Rigid boxes, also known as “paper over board boxes”, come in many different styles. The above box jacket box with hidden magnets and is covered with matt laminated litho print with a bespoke foam fitment.

We produce rigid board covered and lined with wide variety of materials. There is now a huge range of finishes and textures available, ranging from a coloured paper, through printed sheets and even leather, cloth, metallic or wood effect. 

Bespoke paper over board boxes uk

paper over board presentation boxes uk 


Shoe Box Packaging UK

After another successful collaboration with our friends at PhD, we are delighted to unveil this luxury paper over board presentation box.

The box is wrapped in a 4 colour litho sheet with a matt lamination.  To match this, the box is lined with ebony Colourplan.

A simple solution that really does work.

CUSTOMERS COMMENT : Thanks Phil the team LOVE the Bugzy boxes! They’ll go down a storm at the Press day on Thursday in London.

Creative packaging, Fashionpackaging, Lifestyle and retail packaging, paperoverboard boxes

Bespoke Bottle Packaging

If you’re on the look out for some bespoke  bottle carrier packaging, we can provide you with the perfect solution.  Taking you through the whole process from design concept to delivery.  This bottle packaging has a simple but stylish design thats litho printed with  metallic ink then matt laminated. The box also has a fitment to hold the contents in place.

Box packaging, Creative box design, drinks packaging,

Food Packaging Sleeves

It’s great to see the fantastic product range from our friends at have hit the shops. Looking good guys 

We print cartons, boxes, and food sleeves made to fit your product. Not the other way round.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: Just wanted to say thank you so much. I love, love love  them.

Impressive packaging, food packaging sleeves, innovative prototyping, boxes and sleeves, gift boxes

Ready-Meal Sleeves

Ready-meal sleeves are the most popular forms of in-store branded food packaging. Food sleeves or food bellybands  allow the customer to slide out the product for inspection but also enable your brand and the nutritional information to be clearly displayed in high quality digital or litho print . This style of packaging is in high demand by stores and supermarkets for their environmental and cost benefits. Get in touch to find out more about food sleeves and how we can help you develop the right one for your product.  This eye-catching sleeve was designed by a friends at

Printed Laminated Bags For Shops

Our printed laminated bags for shops are made to order using the highest quality board with a reinforced top and base to offer added strength and durability. Bags are litho printed, then either matt or gloss laminated and are a great way to promote your business.

CUSTOMER COMMENT: Just to say a big thank you for the bags, they are fantastic and everyone is really pleased with them 😊

Laminated Bags with Rope Handles, Kraft Bags, Cotton Bags, Canvas Bags, Recycled Bags

Branded Box with a Bespoke Foam Platform

When you need to make a great first impression, a lid and base, branded box with a bespoke foam platform ticks all the boxes (if you pardon the pun!)
This box has been covered in single colour litho print with a matt lamination for protection. There is a wide range of coloured paper stocks and finishes available, including foil blocking, embossing, de-bossing and spot varnishing. A foam fitment has also been designed to hold the box contents in place.

Rigid Presentation Boxes, Bespoke paper over board boxes and folders, Swing tags,

Packaging for Banks

We were commissioned by an international bank to produce a bespoke presentation box to distribute credit cards to their customers worldwide. The box needed to accommodate two credit cards, a brochure and an introductory letter. This was achieved using a HD foam fitment in a paper over board box with a hidden magnet. 

Packaging for banks , creative packaging for banks

Bespoke Beer Bottle Carrier

Ostle & Maillard are proud to have successfully teamed up with local Brewing Company  Roosters to produce this fine-looking beer bottle and glass carrier.

This bespoke beer bottle carrier have been litho-laminated  with a matt  lamination over the top to give a luxury finish.  We also designed a clever integrated internal fitment, which holds the 4 bottles and glass perfectly to ensure safe transportation and no rattling.

If you would like us to produce something similar for you please give us a call on 01423 521590.

To find out more about Rooster’s delicious beer selection – see their website:   We can highly recommend them!

Packaging for Spirit Minatures

It’s a busy time of year here at Ostle and Maillard, with the ‘Christmas’ word already being bandied about a great deal!

One of the projects to roll off the production line this week is another run of the very popular 3 x miniature gin bottle packs we produce for Pickerings Gin and Cunard.

Packaging for spirt minatures lke this are sold exclusively on board their luxury ships – Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria and combine a fine kraft matt board with a foil to produce this stylish gift pack.  More of their quality products can be found at:

To find out how Ostle and Maillard can help you with your next packaging project, please call 01423 521590 for a chat.

Retail packaging

We have teamed up again with our friends at PhD Nutrition to produce this eye catching  bespoke retail packaging solution for their fantastic new range of diet whey bars.

Tailor made in a matchbox style to fit 5 bars,  this pack works well in both a retail and online sales environment and can also be a great sales tool in a presentation.

To find out more about the fantastic range of PhD products go to:

Humanitarian iniative wins top award

An innovative water vest is this year’s Diamond Award winner in the 2017 Dupont Awards for Packaging Innovation. The FritzTM Water Vest from Solutions Inc., utilizes current packaging technologies, creating a product that is potentially life changing to millions around the world.

The vest allows users to carry up to 20lb of water safely and hygienically with the weight evenly distributed across the chest and back.

The multi layer nylon structure provides a robust material suitable for rough terrain and multiple uses in dry and rugged environments. The proprietary lamination uses several layers for functional protection and allows for quick heat sealing during manufacturing. An additive included in the material inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and odours.  Together these properties provide a robust, hygienic and reusable water carrying pouch.

The  FritzTM water vest is an out-of-the box solution for a significant global problem.

Luxury Thick Business Cards

Along with the wide range of packaging we offer, we also provide a variety of packaging accessories  such as labels,  swing tickets and imaginative business cards.

These totem pole inspired cards have been produced using 2 layers of Kraft buff 300gsm board, with the 2 layer compressed together to create a thick 600gsm business card that’s unique and stands out.

Pillow Packs uk

Ostle and Maillard offer you a whole host of packaging solutions which are all functional, stylish and eco friendly.   We produced these pillow packs for our surfing buddies at Paddle Pillow over in Ireland to accommodate their innovative surfing accessory.

The pillow boxes we sell are made to measure and can be branded by our design team for you. They have elliptical ends and simply pop into a curved pillow shape.  They are great for posting all kinds of objects, or as retail point of sale for a wide range of items.

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Retail packaging mistakes you should avoid!

Approximately 70% of all purchasing decisions aren’t made until a customer is actually inside the shop.  A big part of those decisions is packaging.  You could have the best product in the world, but if the packaging isn’t appealing you won’t sell your product.

The design and look of your packaging is therefore imperative to the success of your product and you need to do everything you can to make sure it’s the best that it can be.

Here are a few mistakes  you should avoid:

  • Not designing for your target customer

Whether it’s bespoke printed packaging or industrial packaging, you’re not designing for your boss,  you’re doing it for your target customer.  Every packaging design must be produced with the customer in mind and nobody else.  If the packaging isn’t convenient and appealing to your ideal customers you are going to have difficulty selling products.

  • Making it difficult to open

If someone feels like they need to hunt out an axe or saw to open up your packaging, you’re doing something wrong!  Studies have shown that customer satisfaction is linked to how easy or difficult it is to get a product out of its packaging.  Indestructible packaging is only going to cause frustration in the long run.

  • Ignoring customer trends

You need to keep an eye on current trends if you are going to be producing retail packaging.  Never under estimate the power of the people in the consumer age we’re in.  Failure to acknowledge and keep up with trends could leave your product sales falling behind others.

These mistakes could break your sales.  Don’t let poor packaging be the death of a fantastic product.

Which box style is best for me?

Which box style is best for me? Need help with deciding which box type would suit your product best?  See our sheet below with examples of the most popular carton styles available.   At Ostle and Maillard we have a large selection of cutters and dies available to fulfil any of your box requirements.  We can also customise these designs to create a unique solution perfect for you.