Lingerie Packaging


Lingerie Packaging: When we set to work designing lingerie packaging our main goal is to create an appealing and functional packaging solution that enhances the brand and the overall customer experience. We also deign packaging to protect the items during transportation and storage.

Box or Bag? Lingerie is often packaged in boxes or bags or both and can be made from various materials providing a protective layer and keep the lingerie items in good condition.

Design and Branding: Lingerie packaging typically incorporates the brand's logo and design elements to create a cohesive and recognizable brand identity which our design team have many years of experience in working on.

Size and Shape: Lingerie packaging is designed to accommodate the specific lingerie items, ensuring a proper fit and presentation. The size and shape of the packaging is up to the client depending on the type of lingerie being packaged.

Lingerie Swing Tags: Lingerie packaging often includes swing tags with essential information such as size, care instructions, fabric composition, and brand details. This information helps customers make informed decisions and properly care for their lingerie.