“Pillow Pack / Pillow Punches”


The name "Pillow Pack / Pillow Punches" comes from the shape of the packaging, which resembles a pillow or cushion. Pillow packs are a great way to pack a wide variety of small to medium products, including single-use medications, facial creams, shampoo samples, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. As with all our packaging we design it to fit your product perfectly,

They are designed to provide convenience and product protection. The packaging material is usually box board and can be litho printed. Another advantage of pillow packs is their compact size, which makes them easy to carry and store. They are often used in settings where single servings or small quantities are required, such as restaurants, hotels, travel kits packs, or promotional giveaway packaging. Pillow packs also offer a cost-effective solution for branding and packaging small quantities of products, as they require less material compared to larger packaging.